Source: [본격슈주핥는] 첫번째닭강정 
Translated by: NAYA NKsubs (NKSubs) 
Shared at by uksujusid

So far Super Junior’s, Leeteuk and Heechul’s nicknames have been translated

Leeteuk Nicknames – Trans from Kor -> Eng

Note: there r some duplicates… We all make mistakes (i just trans the duplicates anyways xD)
*Some nicknames lose meaning after translation!*
Other fandoms, don’t steal any of the nicknames
*All nicknames w/ -Teuk is property of ELF & Super junior*

Teuk, Wingless Angel, Angel Leader, duck, bat, peter pan, 2faced, White Teuk, Leader Vocal, Anger Teuk, PromiTeuk [Promise + Teuk], GorapadukTeuk, Free Road Teuk, TeukSukHee, Maknae-like leader, Jeegoong Teacher, Special Teuk, Breaking News Teuk [TeukJong(breaking news) + Teuk], GazeTeuk [Gazet + Teuk– Gazet is an manhwa char name], Here Teuk, GaeTeuk [or Dog Teuk / Oil Teuk. GaeTeuk was used by antis to hate on Teuk but heechul…

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