SM Entertainment held the ‘S.M.ART Exhibition’ and received considerable attention from the IT business.

On August 9, the exhibition was held at the COEX D Hall in Seoul. The exhibition predicts where the future entertainment business should go with the IT business.

Kim Young Min, president of SM Entertainment, says, “There are various shows in the world and entertainment content are always in those shows. With the entertainment content, you can experience various technologies from the IT business.”

At the exhibition, the 3-D theater, where people can meet stars from SM Entertainment, live action hologram performance, and 13 meters tall screen will draw a lot of attention.

The agency expects over 50,000 people to visit the exhibition.

Many global enterprises, including, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Canon, and BOSE, collaborated with the agency to present their high quality products.

Those collaborations prove that the entertainment contents from the agency are highly…

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