Inside for BOA whooo^^ but.not hyuk….

Omg teukie backless sleeveless holy shit

Yesung sleeveless omg

All black suits with navy trim soooooo fuckin hoottttt


You can only see the skin when they take off the jackets omg yeteuk….lady killers i swear lol

Siwon was constantly rehearsing his part and Hae saw him and then makes fun of his double fist pose and imitates him ㅋㅋㅋthen siwon hits him

Hae then dances showing siwon another way to dance his part and siwon tries it out.. And then they go stupid & start adding funny hand moves

And start laughing hyuk is in the back with hae of siwon who goes back.there and they laugh together doing weird dance.moves

This is all while teukie is talking to elf.. ㅋㅋㅋeunsihae their own world lol

Sungmin came out on stage first & acted like he…

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