Compilation: 120812 SBS Inkigayo with Super Junior

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Members wore black pants and black shirts, and Teuk,Ming,Hae,Kyu wore white jacket and others wore ivory jacket for today.

Today’s pre-recording is over! Recorded around 4 times for today^^

Also! Leeteuk and Yesung’s shirts were sleeveless >< Teuk’s shirt even doesn’t have backside ><!!

Source: @0203KYU0105EUN

At a break sungmin just picked up dirt on the floor and gave it to Eunhyuk and made him put it in his pocket ㅋㅋㅋ such a bully!

At break sungmin came on stage with a stick pretending it is a sword an pointing it to fans ㅋㅋㅋ then he shyly ran and threw it away.

Eunhyuk was having his arms around sungmin making dancing movements but then he started to slap and punch sungmin instead ㅋㅋ

At one standby boys were in position for a long time…

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