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It has been delayed more than 20 min now …. Too hot…..(´Д` )
Yesung announced KRY concert in Japan, Yokohama and Koube. This winter.
Yesung said : almost of songs at KRY concert will be new songs. He said ” do u know what does it mean?”
Yesung has yellow hair and biased fridge, it made his eyes more sharp! Yellow hair was shining with the sunset light by the sea.
Yesung said, since here is outside concert, he will do the new style “OGENKI DESUKA” greeting. But I couldnt find any difference.
Since there was so hot outside, Yesung tried to hide behind Kyuhyun.
Sungmin was happy to have concert near the sea. Cuz seaside dating was his dream. He means ELF is girlfriend. Then, Yesung

Credit: mizza (wwmisa)

SJ-KRY Live Tour in JAPAN * Yokohama Pacific National Convention…

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