“the character in the drama is living with his grandfather… it’s like me in the past.”

He wore a black V-neck and jeans but he didn’t look comfortable. I could feel his tension. Even during the interview, he kept his fist tight and put emphasis on each phrase. On 22nd at Kyungki, Goyang-shi, Ilsan, I met up with Idol group ‘Super Junior”s member Donghae who is currently playing as the lead role in ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog’. Super Junior, who had a comeback in July, reached #1 in music shows just in two weeks
Donghae said the character he plays for the drama ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog’ (Go Seungji), who is not good at expressing his emotions and is very straight forward, is very close to his normal self.

He was used to getting spotlights in concerts but in acting world, he was a maknae. “I’ve done about 6 works as a side-character…

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