SPY stage is simple… black with white zigzag lines lighting up and the words super junior and spy…. Waiting for prerecording to begin…


During rehearsals hae hit hyuks head after singing the not ok part lol

Siwon accidently bumped into yesung and siwon kept hugging him saying sorry

Lmao new ending pose… All sj shooting!! ELF act like dying

Members were laughing so hard at us dying omg hahahaha

Boys all in black with gold trim and black shirts with gems sooo shiny when they take off their.jackets

Kyaaa yeye was creeping on siwon.. Lol standing right behind him breathing on his neck lol

During teukie and sungmin solo hyuk plays with the fans haha

Hyuk cant seem to keep his arms of sungmin.. Haha in the beginning pose kept rubbing sungmins sides and stuff lol

They were showing us how to “die” shooting each other.. And shindong shot…

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