Shindong is sick! Leeteuk & Eunhyuk will be the MC. Teuk will record at 5 & hyuk at 7

when prerec started min came up alone and quietly bowed. Then he motioned for members to come & siwon hurried up

members came on stage. Teuk oppa said “many are here today in such early morning!

a fan asked if all members would shoot again & teuk went “Why? Should we start by getting shot?”and hyuk said “ELF is wanting camera time”

teuk said he had to tell someone if they were to shoot everyone so hae said “let’s just shoot one!” so members agreed.Hae chose a random fan and teased her by saying “you stand her & get shot alone”

fans said “we’ll shoot & oppas die then!” and hyuk went “no~”

ELF went “why?” and Hyuk said “No no! it doesnt look cool.”

ELF kept wanting to shoot &hyuk smiled…

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