When they debuted seven years ago, Korean boy band Super Junior were very much fun-loving boys, with the youngest of them, Ryeo Wook, in his late teens.

This year, after the July release of their sixth album, they are confident, suave young men who exemplify the album’s title, Sexy, Free & Single.

With their 10 members executing dance moves and crooning infectious tunes in perfect unison, Super Junior are topping the charts in South Korea, Taiwan and China, and selling out seats at the Tokyo Dome. Super Show 4, their six-month world tour which started last year, made stops in Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Macau, Bangkok, Paris, Shanghai and Jakarta.

They will return to perform in South-east Asia, including Singapore, over the next couple of months as part of the SM Town Live World Tour. Details of the Singapore stop will be available soon.

Credit: http://www.straitstimes.com
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