Being Inactive, may it’s be my last post ?

Hello everyone !! ^_____^** Long time no greet after mayyy, hmm, already more than 2 month since i wrote my own post / change the design of this wp 🙂

I just want to inform that, this wp, will be inactive I think. Now, i just found that God has had a plan for me to serve in my campus, Mercu Buana University, cause He serve us first. so, I choose to left cl & hae world for sure.

And for all you know, I just want to tell something, I think almost kpop fans, know Suju & 2NE1, aren’t the one who’re in illuminati way, I just want you to not too focus to your bias, since illuminati is an evil one. it’s up to you to believe / not, but i believe, i choose the right path 🙂 I still make cl hardwork & donghae kind heart become my role model, but I couldn’t be their fans as much like what i did in the past, when I still doesn’t know they’re an illuminati doll, I hope all of fans can know the truth & choose the right path too, God Bless you 🙂

1 (may) last photo of cl from me 🙂 :

1 (may) last photo of hae from me 🙂 :

And I just want to say thankyou very much for support & visit my acc, for the views ;D 😀 I hope we can still be a friend, you can add my facebook (!/timmy.christian ) or follow my twitter : @timmy910015 🙂 thankyou for that 8030 views !!! 😀

And the last, I got a haircut & get inspired by hae hair when sj in mr simple promotion pers, is it better than before ? 😛 😛 *

once again, thankyou for the support !!!! Keep spirit in God & Gbu always 😀 😀


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